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vpn hunter
Hey guys, I need any tcl for vpn hunting.
The bot will be IrcOp and will has +s mode to see all connections.
The bot must have option !on vpn ; !off vpn
The bo  must check every connection. Will get info from and if users ip is in blacklist will put gline with reason: In the moment vpns are not allowed! Will put log in special #channel : User "user12" has been added gline for 1h with reason "..."

Separate function:
Must have option !userinfo on ; !user info off
For example if someone connect to the network, the bot have to check his ip and will put log into speshal #channel : User "user13" has been logget from "country" with "ip" using vpn "yes or no".

The second option is undepended from 1st.
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