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[Solved] tcl for get op
Hey guys, I have an eggdrop with IRC Oper status, using SACommands.
Is it somebody to make me a tcl when the bot join in a channel to make op his self. The bot will not be added to services, so will ussing the command "/sajoin botnick channel" and will be able to use command "/samode #channel +o botnick"
Thanks in regards!

bind join - * join:opbot
proc join:opbot { nick host hand chan } {
    if {$nick eq $::botnick} {
       putserv "SAMODE $chan +o $::botnick"

It's not tested but it should work.

if the command in the putserv is not correct, you will have to modify it.
It`s working perfect. Thanks mate!

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