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script code generate from CHATGPT
Hi All,

I tried generating this codes from CHATGPT, but i am not sure if it is correct because I don't know how to create a tcl script.
The script is about family feud game, to set only individual players but originally this game is a team game.

I hope anyone can help me improve the script? If anyone interested...

Thank you.

# Set the game variables
set question {Name something you find in a kitchen}
set answers {Plate Bowl Knife Spoon Fork Glass}
set num_answers [llength $answers]
set points {10 20 30 40 50}
set num_points [llength $points]

# Initialize the game
proc start_game {} {
    global question answers num_answers points num_points
    puts "Welcome to Family Feud!"
    puts "The question is: $question"
    puts "There are $num_answers possible answers worth $num_points points."
    set shuffled_answers [shuffle $answers]
    set current_answer 0
    set current_point 0

# Shuffle the answers to make the game more interesting
proc shuffle {lst} {
    set out {}
    while {[llength $lst] > 0} {
        set i [expr {int(rand()*[llength $lst])}]
        lappend out [lindex $lst $i]
        set lst [lreplace $lst $i $i]
    return $out

# Get the next answer and point value
proc get_answer {} {
    global shuffled_answers current_answer points current_point num_points
    set answer [lindex $shuffled_answers $current_answer]
    set point [lindex $points $current_point]
    incr current_answer
    if {$current_answer >= $num_answers} {
        set shuffled_answers [shuffle $shuffled_answers]
        set current_answer 0
    incr current_point
    if {$current_point >= $num_points} {
        set current_point 0
    return [list $answer $point]

# Handle the user's guess
proc guess {nick guess} {
    global question
    set guess [string tolower $guess]
    set answer [lsearch -exact -inline -all $answers $guess]
    if {[llength $answer] > 0} {
        set [incr score_$nick [lindex [get_answer] 1]] 1
        puts "$nick guessed \"$guess\" and it is on the board! (+[lindex [get_answer] 1] points)"
        puts "Current score:"
        foreach n [sort [array names score_*]] {
            puts "$n: $score_($n)"
    } else {
        puts "$nick guessed \"$guess\" and it is not on the board. Try again!"

# Start the game when someone says !familyfeud
bind pub - !familyfeud start_game

# Handle guesses when someone says !guess
bind pub - !guess {guess $user [lindex $argv 0]}

# Reset the scores when someone says !reset
bind pub - !reset {foreach n [array names score_*] {unset $n}}

Here's another code generated from CHATGPT with a team game

# Set up the questions and answers
set questions {
    "Name a fruit that is red"
    "Name a country in Europe"
    "Name a type of animal that can swim"
set answers {

# Set up the game variables
set round 0
set questionIndex -1
set answerIndex -1
set team1Score 0
set team2Score 0

# Function to get the next question and answer
proc getNextQuestionAndAnswer {} {
    global questions answers questionIndex answerIndex
    incr questionIndex
    set question [lindex $questions $questionIndex]
    set answer [lindex $answers $questionIndex]
    set answerIndex -1
    return $question

# Function to get the next answer for the current question
proc getNextAnswer {} {
    global answers questionIndex answerIndex
    incr answerIndex
    set answerList [split [lindex $answers $questionIndex] "|"]
    set answer [lindex $answerList $answerIndex]
    return $answer

# Function to display the current scores
proc displayScores {} {
    global team1Score team2Score
    puts "Team 1: $team1Score"
    puts "Team 2: $team2Score"

# Function to handle a correct answer
proc handleCorrectAnswer {team} {
    global team1Score team2Score
    if {$team == 1} {
        incr team1Score
    } else {
        incr team2Score

# Function to handle a wrong answer
proc handleWrongAnswer {} {
    global team1Score team2Score

# Function to start a new round
proc startNewRound {} {
    global round
    set round [expr {$round + 1}]
    puts "Round $round"
    set question [getNextQuestionAndAnswer]
    puts "Question: $question"

# Function to play the game
proc playGame {} {
    global team1Score team2Score
    while {1} {
        set answer [getNextAnswer]
        set response [gets stdin]
        if {[string match -nocase $answer $response]} {
            puts "Correct!"
            handleCorrectAnswer [clock seconds % 2]
        } elseif {$response eq ""} {
            puts "Time's up!"
        } else {
            puts "Wrong!"

# Start the game

if you think this is worth to enhance the script, we'll give it a go..

Thank you everyone.
I didn't check if the scripts work, but they are pure tcl and not eggdrop-tcl: no bind, usage of puts rather than putserv...
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