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[script] autolog.tcl
Ce script est originellement de Slennox et permet d'ajouter automatiquement le log des canaux sur lesquels se trouve l'eggdrop.

Très pratique pour les eggdrops ne servant qu'à alimenter pisg.

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Hey CrazyCat i want please ask the question about script autolog if someone using in autolog and is want to know what happened in channel then is can see from this script?
I'm affraid I don't understand your question.
The script only automatically enable the eggdrop logfile for each channel where the eggdrop is, allowing you to use them as you want (like with pisg).
If someone want to know what happenned in a channel, he has to read the logfiles.
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ok i understand but i want to know if Admin can see what happenned in channel like kick ban or kill from server and if someone client flood in channel What I mean
As said on #eggdrop: this script enable "normal" eggdrop logs, so refer to http://wiki.eggdrop.fr/Configuration_d%2...ers_de_log to know what is logged.

Here is the original documentation:

# Eggdrop is capable of logging various things, from channel chatter to
# commands people use on the bot and file transfers. Logfiles are normally
# kept for 24 hours. Afterwards, they will be renamed to "(logfile).yesterday".
# After 48 hours, they will be overwritten by the logfile of the next day.
# Events are logged by certain categories. This way, you can specify
# exactly what kind of events you want sent to various logfiles.
# Logfile flags:
#   b - information about bot linking and userfile sharing
#   c - commands
#   d - misc debug information
#   h - raw share traffic
#   j - joins, parts, quits, and netsplits on the channel
#   k - kicks, bans, and mode changes on the channel
#   m - private msgs, notices and ctcps to the bot
#   o - misc info, errors, etc (IMPORTANT STUFF)
#   p - public text on the channel
#   r - raw incoming server traffic
#   s - server connects, disconnects, and notices
#   t - raw botnet traffic
#   v - raw outgoing server traffic
#   w - wallops (make sure the bot sets +w in init-server)
#   x - file transfers and file-area commands
# Note that modes d, h, r, t, and v can fill disk quotas quickly. There are
# also eight user-defined levels (1-8) which can be used by Tcl scripts.
# Each logfile belongs to a certain channel. Events of type 'k', 'j', and 'p'
# are logged to whatever channel they happened on. Most other events are
# currently logged to every channel. You can make a logfile belong to all
# channels by assigning it to channel "*".
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J'ai aussi transmis le tcl sur egghelp.org, c'est la moindre des choses.
Et voici le commentaire qu'a fait Shayne, qui m'a fait sourire:
Shayne Wrote:Wow, it's been so long I did not even recognise "autolog" as a script I
had any part in until I saw the headers :D
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