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[Bug] urltitle.tcl perpleXa

Alors voilà j'ai récupérer le tcl de perpleXa le urltitle.
Lorsqu'on mets un lien sur le salon, sa nous transmet une info Normalement..

Sauf que sa ne fonctionne pas, et j'ai chercher je trouve pas, si quelqu'un à une idée..

Voici les test :

Quote:[11:14:57] ‹@alias_angelius› https://www.facebook.com/
[11:15:00] ‹@alias_angelius› https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhv4f6FjWNM

Aucun message d'erreur en PL, le +urltitle et bien mis aussi.

Le code :
# urltitle.tcl
# Copyright (C) perpleXa 2004-2006
# Redistribution, with or without modification, are permitted provided
# that redistributions retain the above copyright notice, this condition
# and the following disclaimer.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law; without
# even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
namespace eval url {
  variable version "3.1";
  variable agent "Opera/8.52 (X11; Linux x86_64; U; en)";
  # Bot will read data in chunks of this size, 8KB is just fine.
  variable readbuf 8192;
  # Read max. 32KB before the connection gets killed.
  # (to prevent the bot from downloading large files when someone pastes shit..)
  variable readlimit 32768;
  variable fds;
  if {![info exists fds]} {
    set fds 0;
  setudef flag urltitle;
  bind pubm -|- * [namespace current]::check;
proc url::check {nick host hand chan text} {
    set text [stripcodes uacgbr $text];
    foreach item [split $text] {
      if {[string match -nocase "http://?*" $item] || [string match -nocase "www.?*" $item] || [string match -nocase "https://?*" $item]} {
        regsub -nocase -- "http(s|)://" [string map [list "\\" "/"] $item] "" url;
        set url [split $url "/"];
        set get [join [lrange $url 1 end] "/"];
        set url [split [lindex $url 0] ":"];
        set host [lindex $url 0]; set port [lindex $url 1];
        if {$port == ""} {set port "80";}
        uconnect $host $port $get $nick $chan;
proc url::uconnect {host port get nick chan} {
  variable agent;
  variable fds;
  variable readbuf;
  set token [namespace current]::[incr fds];
  variable $token;
  upvar 0 $token static;
  array set static {
    data ""
    body 0
    code 0
    sock -1
  if {[catch {set static(sock) [socket -async $host $port]} error]} {
    destroy $token;
    return $error;
  fconfigure $static(sock) -translation {auto crlf} -buffersize $readbuf;
  puts $static(sock) "GET /$get HTTP/1.0";
  puts $static(sock) "Accept: */*";
  if {$port == "80"} {
    puts $static(sock) "Host: $host";
  } else {
    puts $static(sock) "Host: $host:$port";
  puts $static(sock) "User-agent: $agent";
  puts $static(sock) "";
  flush $static(sock);
  fileevent $static(sock) readable [list [namespace current]::handledata $token $nick $chan];
  catch {fconfigure $static(sock) -blocking 0;}
  after [expr 20*1000] [list [namespace current]::destroy $token];
  return $token;
proc url::handledata {token nick chan} {
  variable readbuf; variable readlimit;
  variable $token;
  upvar 0 $token static;
  if {[eof $static(sock)] || [string length $static(data)]>=$readlimit} {
    destroy $token;
  set buf [read $static(sock) $readbuf];
  append static(data) $buf;
  foreach line [split $buf "\n"] {
    if {[string match HTTP* $line] && !$static(body)} {
      if {![regexp -- {\d{3}} $line static(code)]} {
        destroy $token;
      } elseif {$static(code)!=200 && $static(code)!=301 && $static(code)!=302} {
        destroy $token;
    } elseif {[regexp -nocase -- "^Location:(.+)$" $line -> url]
              && !($static(code)!=301 && $static(code)!=302)} {
      check $nick *!*@* * $chan $url;
      destroy $token;
    } elseif {[regexp -nocase -- "^Content-type:(.+)$" $line -> type]} {
      if {![string match -nocase text* [string trim $type]]} {
        destroy $token;
    } elseif {[regexp -nocase -- "^Content-encoding:(.+)$" $line -> encoding]} {
      if {[string match -nocase *gzip* $encoding]
          || [string match -nocase *compress* $encoding]} {
        destroy $token;
    } elseif {($line == "") && !$static(body)} {
      set static(body) 1;
    } elseif {[regexp -nocase -- {<title>([^<]+?)</title>} $static(data) -> title]
              && $static(code)==200} {
      regsub -all -- {(\n|\r|\s|\t)+} $title " " title;
      set s [expr {[string index $nick end]!="s"?"s":""}];
      puthelp "PRIVMSG $chan :$nick'$s URL title: \"[decode [string trim $title]]\"";
      destroy $token;
proc url::destroy {token} {
  variable $token
  upvar 0 $token static;
  if {[info exists static]} {
    catch {fileevent $static(sock) readable "";}
    catch {close $static(sock);}
    unset static;
proc url::decode {content} {
  if {![string match *&* $content]} {
    return $content;
  set escapes {
    &nbsp; \x20 &quot; \x22 &amp; \x26 &apos; \x27 &ndash; \x2D
    &lt; \x3C &gt; \x3E &tilde; \x7E &euro; \x80 &iexcl; \xA1
    &cent; \xA2 &pound; \xA3 &curren; \xA4 &yen; \xA5 &brvbar; \xA6
    &sect; \xA7 &uml; \xA8 &copy; \xA9 &ordf; \xAA &laquo; \xAB
    &not; \xAC &shy; \xAD &reg; \xAE &hibar; \xAF &deg; \xB0
    &plusmn; \xB1 &sup2; \xB2 &sup3; \xB3 &acute; \xB4 &micro; \xB5
    &para; \xB6 &middot; \xB7 &cedil; \xB8 &sup1; \xB9 &ordm; \xBA
    &raquo; \xBB &frac14; \xBC &frac12; \xBD &frac34; \xBE &iquest; \xBF
    &Agrave; \xC0 &Aacute; \xC1 &Acirc; \xC2 &Atilde; \xC3 &Auml; \xC4
    &Aring; \xC5 &AElig; \xC6 &Ccedil; \xC7 &Egrave; \xC8 &Eacute; \xC9
    &Ecirc; \xCA &Euml; \xCB &Igrave; \xCC &Iacute; \xCD &Icirc; \xCE
    &Iuml; \xCF &ETH; \xD0 &Ntilde; \xD1 &Ograve; \xD2 &Oacute; \xD3
    &Ocirc; \xD4 &Otilde; \xD5 &Ouml; \xD6 &times; \xD7 &Oslash; \xD8
    &Ugrave; \xD9 &Uacute; \xDA &Ucirc; \xDB &Uuml; \xDC &Yacute; \xDD
    &THORN; \xDE &szlig; \xDF &agrave; \xE0 &aacute; \xE1 &acirc; \xE2
    &atilde; \xE3 &auml; \xE4 &aring; \xE5 &aelig; \xE6 &ccedil; \xE7
    &egrave; \xE8 &eacute; \xE9 &ecirc; \xEA &euml; \xEB &igrave; \xEC
    &iacute; \xED &icirc; \xEE &iuml; \xEF &eth; \xF0 &ntilde; \xF1
    &ograve; \xF2 &oacute; \xF3 &ocirc; \xF4 &otilde; \xF5 &ouml; \xF6
    &divide; \xF7 &oslash; \xF8 &ugrave; \xF9 &uacute; \xFA &ucirc; \xFB
    &uuml; \xFC &yacute; \xFD &thorn; \xFE &yuml; \xFF
  set content [string map $escapes $content];
  set content [string map [list "\]" "\\\]" "\[" "\\\[" "\$" "\\\$" "\\" "\\\\"] $content];
  regsub -all -- {&#([[:digit:]]{1,5});} $content {[format %c "\1"]} content;
  regsub -all -- {&#x([[:xdigit:]]{1,4});} $content {[format %c [scan "\1" %x]]} content;
  regsub -all -- {&#?[[:alnum:]]{2,7};} $content "?" content;
  return [subst $content];
putlog "Script loaded: URL title fetcher v$url::version by perpleXa";

Vous interdisez les erreurs, vous empêchez ainsi la victoire.

Ma super kikoo-page loll

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