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Talking bot in private. - StormG - 14/03/2013

Hello again, sorry for the bumping in the forum with the requests of a script. It is a way to be created or there is already such a script that will let the bot reply to user privates? I mean to participate in a conversation in private with a random replies to the words specified inside the script or by adding those words and replies from a channel and if the nickname is in it the bot will reply to him if he starts a private conversation with the bot. It would be better if this script it can be enabled or disabled with a channel flag support.
And more, if the words and replies can be added from a channel, is a way to be separated from the same words and replies if they were added the same words and replies in another channel, meaning storing the words to reply to, and the replies into a database separated for every channel.
Variables like %nick% , %hand% , %host%, %botnick% or %randnick% or even %altrandnick% could be added inside the script with the same functions from the script responder.tcl and also the replies could be made trough: /me <reply>, /msg <nick> <reply> , or even /notice <nick> <reply>.

Thank you.

RE: Talking bot in private. - CrazyCat - 15/03/2013

A long time ago, I found a kind of script working this way on, I'll try to refound it.

RE: Talking bot in private. - MenzAgitat - 16/03/2013

J'aurais pas dit "refound" :p

@CrazyCat: if you are talking about MC8 Responder script, which inspired me for my own Responder, it doesn't support private chat either.

@StormG: since Responder is able to reply in private message with the /msg nick message syntax, I think you can adapt it pretty easily to take care of private messages by changing the bind pubm for a bind msgm.
I can't say for sure if it will work without further modifications, but you may try it out.

RE: Talking bot in private. - CrazyCat - 16/03/2013

Je refound si je veux :)
Et non, je ne parle pas de MC8 responder mais d'un script bien plus ancien, il doit dater d'une époque à laquelle tu ne savais même pas qu'IRC existait :)

RE: Talking bot in private. - MenzAgitat - 16/03/2013

You may also take a look at MegHAL Interface which can be adapted the same way, and which will bring some randomness with his pseudo-AI.

RE: Talking bot in private. - StormG - 16/03/2013

Thank you for the replies, i'll try to modify that respond script of MC8 and see how it's working.
I'm already using MegaHAL on another eggdrop, but i wanted only the bot to reply to users' words only, separate from MegaHAL.
Anyway thank you for your time.

RE: Talking bot in private. - MenzAgitat - 16/03/2013

My Responder is more advanced than MC8's one, you'd rather start from it.

I just remembered another reason why I chose not to handle privates : because of server restrictions and of "fake lag", your eggdrop can't send more than 512 bytes per 2 seconds to the server (public and privates cumulated) if I remember well.
Imagine 10 users chatting actively with your bot by private messages, the bot being on several channels and having other things to manage. It may make your eggdrop laggy. Think of that.

RE: Talking bot in private. - StormG - 17/03/2013

You are right all the way, MenzAgitat, but my intention was strictly let this bot having this script manage only chatting. And more, is there a way to let's say stop replying to more than 3 users in the same time even if other may talk to him, an antiflood option with an ignore time from all other users who chat to him. For example, to first user should reply only if there is nobody else to reply to, and if 2 users, or more are chatting with it, the replies should be put with a timer from 5 to 5 seconds. Anyway, eggdrop has an internal antiflood option so...everyone who's abusing for his queries will be ignored for some time.