eggdrop chroot setup and config
can anyone post from here on how to setup eggdrop in root login or eggdrop chroot (not sure the term used) .. you need to install the eggdrop from root
and then setup the /path/where/to/save from your vps server. and set the commands like; !getegg !install eggdrop

and then adduser shell. then the user shell will type only !getegg or !installeggdrop and then it will automatically copied the eggdrop file to the user and install.

i hope anyone can share a basic knowledge on this ..  :)))

thank you all.
Let me understand...
You want to have an eggdrop and allow some people to deploy other eggdrops via your eggdrop ? I don't think you have to install your eggdrop as root (never do that), and you haven't to install eggdrop for other users.
The better way (imho) is just to create a ne .conf file for the new eggdrop (with new listen ports, username, ....) and make a symbolic link to a directory containing all allowed scripts an user can load in its eggdrop.

The other alternative is to use docker because you'll never succeed in compiling eggdrop from an eggdrop - Offrez-moi un café
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should i install like this

and setup a script so that user can get a copy of it?
Why do you want to copy the binaries ?
If you install the eggdrop with rpm, it will be shared with all users, all you need is a .conf for each user, and probably some personal directories as scripts/ and logs/ - Offrez-moi un café
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the idea is this:

i have a vps, and i will setup the eggdrop (let's say in admin account). So i need to install or put the eggdrop file as a host in this admin account.
and then i create another user shell.

now i want the user shell, instead of doing wget eggdrop-link-here..  the user will type only from the shell !getegg ..
so then it fetch the eggdrop file from the admin account shell and copied it to the user shell and compiled it..

i hope you get the idea? so, what's the best thing to do using the docker or setting it up manually from admin account with path/directory/eggdorp/to/be/copied/user/eggdrop/file?
Oh, the "!getegg" will be a shell command, not an eggdrop one ? So the docker container is probably the best way, have a look to
All you have to do is to allow the user to access the docker container, and create a small bash script to make the original command (docker run -ti -e NICK=FooBot -e -v /path/for/host/data:/home/eggdrop/eggdrop/data eggdrop) more friendly, with already prefilled datas. - Offrez-moi un café
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ok, i'll check it out ..
You can look at @ Xshellzfile
it is like this Ionut.. thank you..
With pleasure!

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