Trivia with API
hi guys, good day to you all. I think that you are familiar with this link API TRIVIA hopefully anyone can do apply this api in existing  available trivia right now? If it is possible.
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I didn't know this API, but it could be possible to use it as trivia DB. But it will only be in english (didn't find any language option), so I don't think anyone here already used it.
You can use it in two ways:
1. request 50 questions/answers in one time and store them in eggdrop memory
2. request question/answer one per one using a token

You can probably adapt any trivia script to use this source
i knew already someone using this API, but it is a multiple choice and the answer is A,B,C,D, not the exact answers same in old trivia. if someone can make it the answers same in old trivias that much better.
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It will be quicker to give us the script, then we can adapt it, rather than recreate or start from a script which isn't what you want.
here it is

and i think this is his script for personal use. Smile
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