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J'ai reçu ce matin le mail suivant de Geo (eggheads):

Geo a écrit :As you might have noticed, the egghelp.org Tcl script archive has not been accepting new submissions for the past several years. The egghelp forum still hosts script releases, but the egghelp Tcl script archive has always been the most popular resource to search for Eggdrop Tcl scripts. We are proud to announce that after this slight hiatus, the egghelp archive will be replaced with one that is open for NEW SUBMISSIONS!

slennox, the long-standing owner of the site, unfortunately notified us a while ago that he does not have the time to maintain the original egghelp.org anymore. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to him for hosting undoubtedly the most important third party Eggdrop resource site for well over a decade. It is certainly a major reason why Eggdrop is still so popular today. Even without recent script additions, egghelp.org still remains the most popular resource for instructions, Tcl scripts and modules, and the most active Eggdrop forum we can find.

With that, we also want to thank slennox for his full support in transitioning the resources, the forum and the Tcl archive to a new maintainer, Richard. Richard has been administrating the egghelp.org forum for several months now, and we are very excited to announce that he has finished rewriting the Tcl archive for full use! It is live at tclarchive.org, hosts all the old scripts of egghelp.org (thanks to slennox for providing them), and accepts NEW SUBMISSIONS! Links on Eggheads and Egghelp will both be updated to redirect to tclarchive.org shortly.

So head over there, upload your scripts and browse the existing content Smile

Pour les non-anglophones: slennox a été contraint, par manque de temps, à ne plus entretenir egghelp.org, et tout particulièrement la section "Archives TCL". Elle a donc été recréée par Richard, avec l'intégralité des anciens scripts, et on peut soumettre à nouveau nos propres scripts pour les partager.

L'adresse du site: http://www.tclarchive.org

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